Holiday Sobriety Plan

Holiday Sobriety Plan

The Holidays are one of the hardest times to maintain sobriety with holiday parties, family get-togethers, New Years Eve and work parties. Taking inventory of upcoming events will give you a head start on your Holiday Sobriety Plan. 

Go ahead and write down all of the activities and parties you will be attending in the next month during the Holiday Season.

Identify who will be at each gathering to determine accountability partners and possible triggers for drinking or using.  Remember you cannot make a sober decision under the influence so accountability is important.

Throw a party yourself for your friends and loved ones so you can be the planner for a fun and enjoyable get together without alcohol or drugs.

Schedule to attend extra support groups and other sober activities such as volunteering throughout the month.

Find time to relax.  Holidays can be stressful and stress is a great excuse to use or drink.

Stay active and make time for giving back to others.  Isolation can also be a trigger during the Holiday Season.

Schedule time with family earlier in the day if you know they will be drinking or using later in the day or after family activities or meals.

Simply decline invitations that will be compromising to your sobriety plan.

Have an exit plan for all activities you attend with transportation to leave if necessary after scheduled activities have been completed.

Enjoy and Embrace the real meaning of the Holidays!