28 Day Online Sobriety Course

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28 Day Sobriety Plan to create sustainable sobriety for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

Not sure if your addicted? Take the test.

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28 Day Reboot

Reboot your gut health for sustainable results to burn fat instead of sugar, reduce inflammation, increase natural energy, decrease stress and cortisol and increase immune health


28 Days Pursing your Purpose

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Pursuing your purpose in 28 days consist of strategic planning with temperament testing included to discover your purpose that you have been fighting against or searching for.

"Christy is exceptional at what she does. As someone seeking support, and encouragement during a difficult period in life, Christy's services have helped and sustained me. She listens attentively and always with care. She is perceptive and provides a therapeutic experience that is both comforting and insightful. Because of Christy, I am a firm believer in the power therapy has in changing one's life."

Current Client Testimonial-  Age 28

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